Sunday, March 26, 2017

back to school with my boys

it was my turn

four of us went back to this place
where i had spent nearly 10 years

as i walked over the grass,
the staircase,
the pebbled pavement,
into the covered playground,
walked passed the tuck shop,
the art room,
the basketball court....
all the fond memories came back
with strong feelings....

told little bb about
the games i played with my friends in the covered playground,
the haunted art room,
the ghost tree,
the tower where the witch lived,
the snacks i used to get from the tuck shop,
the streets where i walked to school and back home everyday.....

he listened fondly
and of course he was most interested in the ghost tree.........

i am very blessed....
in the most beautiful campus in town
where i met my best friends 
and spent the best years.......

those were the days.......

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