Wednesday, March 29, 2017

the wall

bbb got his very first set of lego from kai ma for his birthday
of course he has no clue about what birthday is, what this box of lego is about...

but little bb has been eyeing it for days....
almost everyday,
he would ask if baby brother (of course himself) could open it

a couple of times,
he called me and asked

i kept asking him to wait....
after many days....
(and his reaction: another day again?)
i finally let him open it for baby brother...

obviously he was more excited than bbb

very quickly we put out the playmat
when i thought he would be showing bbb how to put the pieces together,
he took out his own box of lego and said he wanted to work on his own set!

before i knew it,
he put up this wall...
i thought he didn't want baby brother baby to mess up his stuff,
he explained to me that he was afraid that baby brother would put the smaller pieces into his mouth...

well, that's true...
and thanks for being thoughtful
(though mami would prefer you play with baby brother's set so that mami could take a break

putting almost every piece he could lay his hands on into his mouth

and so one on side,
we have the big blocks and a little person

and the other side,
we have the little blocks and a bigger person

mami was busying with showing baby brother how to put the pieces together
while taking the pieces away from his mouth (he wanted to eat them all)
admiring these little toes *yum yum*

on the other side,
big brother was accompanied by brownie and sugar

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

who ate me?

was going to keep them for decorating cupcakes, etc

one night i came home,
somotu said someone stole a bite

that someone was too quick
to be stopped

looking at the size of the bite
it's very obvious who was that little someone................


the just-woke-up look


Monday, March 27, 2017

my little toy monkey

little milestones...

~ pressing the sound buttons in his favorite concert book by himself
~ clapping his hands and dancing by rocking his body side to side 

while getting ready for bed 

reading the above
i have this picture in my mind....
.... a toy monkey...

throwback..... enjoying his cupcake

A video posted by @aileenmotu on

A video posted by @aileenmotu on

.... and i can't recall why he said that at 15, mickey will sleep....

Sunday, March 26, 2017

back to school with my boys

it was my turn

four of us went back to this place
where i had spent nearly 10 years

as i walked over the grass,
the staircase,
the pebbled pavement,
into the covered playground,
walked passed the tuck shop,
the art room,
the basketball court....
all the fond memories came back
with strong feelings....

told little bb about
the games i played with my friends in the covered playground,
the haunted art room,
the ghost tree,
the tower where the witch lived,
the snacks i used to get from the tuck shop,
the streets where i walked to school and back home everyday.....

he listened fondly
and of course he was most interested in the ghost tree.........

i am very blessed....
in the most beautiful campus in town
where i met my best friends 
and spent the best years.......

those were the days.......

Saturday, March 25, 2017

first time ever ..... in a concert

it was a busy day tonight
after the open day,
two birthday parties
i went to a concert with my girl friends....

this is the first time ever
i felt so deeply
and almost cried in a concert

the memories these songs brought back
the lyrics which are more real than ever

it was also very ironic 
the night right before the election

only locals would understand why the tears...

little chef

after the school open day
we were very happy to be invited to my godson cousin's birthday party

the kids got to learned how to make pasta from scratch
and molten chocolate cake

the parents were asked to leave the cooking area when the session began
so that the kids could concentrate on their work

watching them through the glass,
it was quite surprising to find all of them engaged and focused!
no running around, messing up or being silly with the dough!

love this serious look of little bb

i asked him afterwards whether he enjoyed cooking
and he said yes!

i wish there would be some kids cooking class (with reasonable prices!)

and finally
enjoying their hard work

thanks for the lovely cooking experience!

open day @ school

this will be the last open day at this campus
the kids will be moving to the new campus in the new school year

this campus is old
but it reminds somotu and me of our school lives back then....
the old-fashioned layout, washrooms, the hallway, the stairs

the new campus will be modern and advanced
a different feel
but we will definitely miss this "old feeling" the current campus gives us

yes the campus is small and old
but the kids love school life
and it has all the necessary facilities to provide a suitable environment for the kids

the library is small but it has reinforced their love of reading

pictured here, though, is not about reading books...
the kids were doing a pokemon hunt *laugh*

and over here, doing hockey....

thank you for providing a space and great atmosphere for the kids ...
we will miss you mr campus!

clapped his hands

bbb finally knows how to clap his little hands today!

Friday, March 24, 2017

his first visit to disneyland

on his birthday,
he made his first visit to disneyland

everything was new to him...
@ water-not-in-the-bath-tub but flying in the air (aka the fountain near the entrance)
non-human looking human size furry creatures walking around (aka mickey and minnie)
things and human beings flying up and down in the air (aka the rides... dumbo, etc)
things and human beings turning round and round, human beings screaming and laughing out loud (aka mad tea cup ride)
@ smaller size human beings dressed in the same blue outfits dashing here and there (aka elsa - the princess)
@ all human beings standing and facing one direction in the dark, some holding their arms up.... while something bright and loud kept cracking in the middle of the sky...   (aka the fireworks)

for mami,
that something new was these trees...  i don't know what they are
but the pinkish leaves or flowers? are very pretty indeed
and especially pretty together with the it's a small world castle

amazed by the fireworks!

meanwhile, big brother successfully got me into getting him the forbidden (aka cotton candy)

and yes,
one of his recent favorites...
telling us things by pointing his little finger

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happy 365 days!

took half day off for this little man's 1 year old birthday!

before we headed off to disney
we had a little candle blowing ceremony at home with brownie and sugar
as they missed out the gathering the other night....

no birthday cake
but just a few cupcakes
with the star shaped fondant sweets made the other day....

we are loving that piggy mouth of bbb
we are wondering if this is the thing that babies of this age
love to do,
little bb loved doing the same when he was the same age

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

more stars

my hands just won't stop

i just have the strong urge to keep making more stars *laugh*

this round
they are made of fondant....

i think i am going to get a few cupcakes and decorate them with these stars
for little bb's birthday this friday

love the marble look of these stars....

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

his recent favorites

 ♥  doing the piggy mouth

 ♥  pointing his fingers as if he is demanding us to do things for him, e.g. pick up the toy for him, pick him up from his highchair, get him his book, etc

 ♥  arching back to look at whoever's holding him as if he wants to make sure he is in good and familiar hands

 ♥  his swings his little body side to side when he hears music

 ♥  his puts whatever he lays his eyes upon into his mouth, e.g. my faux leather culottes, our slippers, brownie and sugar *laugh*, paper, books, pencil, his shoes, big brother's pokemon cards, etc

 ♥  picking things up and dropping them onto the floor purposely, he especially likes the tissue box and hand cream next to my side of our bed......  he can keep picking up and dropping them forever!

 ♥  sucking his index and middle finger of his left hand together as he is enjoying a cigar

 ♥  grunts like a pig when he is not happy with us, e.g. if we remove his fingers from his mouth, if we stop him from picking up / dropping things

 ♥  scratching somotu's arm with his baby nails and hearing somotu calling (pretending) for help and making the painful sound "hssss hsss hsss"

 ♥  laughing instantly after big brother's laugh.... both boys can keep laughing back and forth until our heads explode!

 ♥  when i pick him up, hold him up and turn around together until i am dizzy

 ♥  being picked up and held horizontally on our side and run back and forth around the house, pretending to be superman on duty, flying around...  he would laugh hysterically

 ♥  turning the pages by himself as if he is really reading the books

 ♥  his favorite books:  goodnight moon, little children's music book...  not only does he enjoy having us read to him, pressing the sound buttons, but also eating the book!  *laugh* 

 ♥  going out....  he cries like crazy when he sees us leaving for work in the morning, going out without him on the weekends (which is quite rare as we try to take him with us as much as possible on the weekends)...  even if it means we pretend to be taking him out with us on the weekdays by carrying him and walking him to the lift lobby... he will have this big grin... and of course, he gets really angry when we hand him back to the nannies after the quick turn in the lift lobby *laugh*

 ♥  his BIG BROTHER - isn't this the best?

Monday, March 20, 2017

story telling

ever since my business trip
little bb has been especially sticky
i mean really really sticky

when i come home every night
he wants me to accompany him to brush his teeth, go wee wee, change into his pyjamas...
he won't move if i don't go with him

and that's not all

after bedtime story reading,
every single night, 
he asks the same question
"mami, can you please come up and sleep next to me when baby brother falls asleep"
most of the time, my answer is yes
*except when the nights i am really hungry.....
and yes, because of all this, we don't get to eat dinner until after 8:30pm*

and that's not all

he wants me to either hold his hand or wrap my arm around him when i sleep next to him

and that's not all

he wants me to make up stories for him
i need to keep telling these make up stories until he falls asleep

in these stories,
he wants me to always include:
~ chocolate
~ candies
~ baby brother

sometimes he wants me to include:
~ brownie and sugar
~ daddy and mommy

some nights are easier for me
some nights are a bit too much (i.e. i am tired after a long day in the office, i am hungry)
but i always tell him stories

for i know before i know it,
he will grow out of this phase
he won't need my company 
he won't need to hold my hand

so i tell myself i need to cherish these little moments
these little sweet moments

and of course,
i am very happy that little brother has a special place in his heart
he always wants little brother to be in these stories
for sure, little brother is as important as chocolate and candy *laugh*
more so than daddy and mommy!

and these stories have now become chapter-stories

we are now in chapter 8.....

and oh yes,
he remembers where i stopped the night before
and the chapter number....

Sunday, March 19, 2017

star studded corners

one more week till bbb's actual birthday
brought all the deco home 
and filled up corners here and there

stars and balloons...
who can resist them?

one can never really ever get enough of them!
they are simply merry and bright!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

happy 1 year old!

we had an early little birthday gathering for bbb tonight
just a few close friends

actually somotu wasn't too keen on having one 
in fact he never really likes the idea of birthday parties for kids
he thinks it's too "extravagant"
kids will be spoiled

i understand where he is coming from
but nonetheless i wanted to have a "small" one for bbb
#1 :  big brother did have one when he turned one (and actually one each year)
#2 :  it gives me the perfect reason to get myself busy with making this and that, arranging this and that for the party...  i really love planning, decorating, making things....

the theme is the same as bbb's 100 days gathering, i.e. stars

i brought all the stars and fans i folded in the past weeks to the function room
only to find out that
when i thought i had made a lot (it certainly feels that way)
it actually wasn't enough.....

anyway, as i mentioned before, 
i didn't really concretely know what i was going to do with them
so i just put up whatever i have near the tables where savory and sweet food were served

and look at this stunning star studded birthday cake made by kai ma joanna!
it's absolutely beyond beautiful (and it was very delicious too!)
thank you so much kai ma!

and how could i party go without having balloons
i love balloons
the night before, i was pumping big and small balloons non-stop like an
assembly line in the factory... *laugh*
then, making them stand with the help of little cupcake holders....

....  and the marshmallow pops we made together early this morning...

bbb had his first every solo ride!

everyone having fun with the ball pool when it was supposed to be for bbb
bbb was enjoying his ride in the hummer jeep which was supposed to be for the big boys