Sunday, February 19, 2017

my travel companion

while packing for my business trip
little bb handed him this figurine
he wanted me to take it with me 
as he couldn't go with me

sweet huh?
yes and no

yes to his sweet thought of having something to keep me company

no as this figurine was from the kinder chocolate egg his grandma gave him
grandma made a mistake and got him the egg for girls
with much excitement, he opened the egg
to only find that it is a "girl's egg"!
he then quickly decided to give it to me....


he asked me a few times 
why i had to fly
why i couldn't take him with me
why i had to be away for so many days
(not that many days actually, just four days...
i tried my best to squeeze everything into four days)

i was secretly happy with these questions
i think he would miss me


flash back a few days
little bb was especially sticky....

as soon as i came home from work
he would stick to me
asked me to accompany him to brush his teeth,
to wee wee,
to change into his pyjamas...

gave me big hugs and kisses
wouldn't go to his bed to sleep unless i slept next to him....

insisted i read books to him otherwise he wouldn't sleep
then after i read books
he wanted me to make up stories to him
he instructed me to keep telling him the make up stories until he fell asleep

in my stories,
there are always chocolate and candies
and of course him and his little brother

telling him the stories as i pictured them in my mind and made up the next scene
i would watch him...
eyes closed, 
a silly grin
i could tell he is very contented....

i would stay until he was really asleep

it's super cute and sweet
despite of my roaring tummy from hunger....
i could only start having my dinner after both him and bbb fell asleep



me in the hotel room
feeling little bb with me

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