Sunday, February 5, 2017


compared to little bb
i have done or made very little things for bbb

less time
less energy

just in case if bbb gets to read this in the future
for the record,
it's not that mama doesn't love you
it's just that there are too many things mama needs to handle and attend to,
and that mama is almost 6 years older now!

today, i finally had a bit of time to start a memory book for bbb....
wanted to trace his little hands and feet next to mine in the book
jot down little things we have done together

just to manage little bb so that he doesn't feel like i favor bbb over him
before i started doing the book for bbb,
i showed little bb the memory book i did for him.

in fact 
it wasn't just one book,
there were actually a few of them!
(consider the amount of time i had back then compared to now!)

this particular book was put together when little bb turned 3 months old....
he was very interested with it
and read every page....

he asked whether he could write on it.
of course dear!

then, seeing the tracing of his little hands,
he wanted to trace his BIGGER hands now...

what i thought to be just a few minutes of throwback time
turned out to be quite a long while
and definitely worth over anything else....

little bb looked at the above picture for a long time
when i asked,
he took awhile and
asked why i look different....

i asked him how different....
it took him even longer to give me the answer....

he said
mami, why you look younger???

all i can say to him is

yes my dear
cuz it is six years ago
and it's not an easy job to take care of you and baby brother

i need to apply facial mask more often

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