Thursday, February 9, 2017

his latest tricks

* pointing with his index fingers
* babbling, the sound that he makes the most is "da da" 
* teething, four upper front teeth and two lower front teeth
* eating habits, likes fruits and our food...  can hold a thin slice of apple and munch by himself, same for veggies and meat (he doesn't like them mashed)
* his favorite person: his big brother!  because big brother is always acting silly which makes him laugh
* his laugh: loud and super giggly
* he loves going out with us!  gets disappointed when he sees us leave for work on weekdays
* loves crawling around the house and puts basically anything he comes into contact into his mouth
* can pull himself up
* can stand for a very little short while
* (i think) he enjoys the morning sleep in our bed after big brother has gone to school...  at least i do!  i love feeling his little toes while we are sleeping
* when he doesn't get what he wants, it really shows!  a loud grunt!
* he does the piggy mouth just like his big brother when he was his age
* most days his eyes are small, but some days they are huge *laugh*
* though he doesn't seem to know his name yet

just one more month and he will be 1!

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