Tuesday, February 14, 2017

happy valentine's day

it's the saying....
no expectations, 
no disappointments

as usual
no expectation today

it turns out
i got little things in return....

an unplanned lunch date with somotu

little bb came running to me 
presenting this rose to me 
when i stepped into the house tonight
"happy valentine's day!"

a flower made by little bb....

after giving me the rose
he asked if he could have some colored paper
all i have was tissue paper
and it turned out to be perfect for his little project

i handed over the stack of tissue paper to him
he asked me to cut them into squares
and asked for a pipe cleaner

with all that
i watched him folding the paper into a fan
stacking them
putting the pipe cleaner around them
and patiently peeled down layer by layer
into this gorgeous flower

i absolutely love it
made with so much care by little bb...

xo xo

p.s. i asked him who taught him how to make it
and it was his homeroom teacher.... so lovely!

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