Sunday, January 29, 2017

this cute little man

found ways to entertain himself at grandma's place on the first day of chinese new year...

....  he decided he also wanted to give out lai see (red pockets)
though we did explain to him he is not really *eligible* to give them out yet...
he quickly switched to the idea of giving out candies...

for a good hour or so,
he was quietly doing this...  putting candies in the lai see....  

and all of a sudden,
i find this look of his very cute and charming *hahahaha*
so focused and serious!

counted and counted
he decided he had enough lai see to give out

he sat down for some chinese new year savory cakes
while making his own pokemon trading cards

i didn't even know he brought along a ruler, a pair of scissors, a box of coloring pencils,
drawing paper, the pokeman tin box, etc etc
until he laid them all out on the table
...  cuteness to the max ....

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