Monday, December 26, 2016

the morning he has been waiting since forever....................

dec 26, boxing day

the whole year long
he has been waiting, wishing, writing, 
waiting, wishing, writing

some mornings, 
we found him quietly and diligently writing on his little notebooks
look closer
it's pages after pages after pages
of his wish list for santa

board games

but most of the time,
its cars and lego

i think he must have written at least 30 pages full of things he wished for

this year,
he was exceptionally impatience
ever since he received his first christmas present this year
he has been asking if he could open them

and so finally
the night before dec 26

one of the last words before he went to bed was
"i am so excited about tomorrow,
i am going to wake up at 3am!"

he asked if he could start opening his presents without waiting for me to wake up

then came the big day....
he was so busy that morning...........

and of course, we have a new addition this year who also got a few presents....
little bb was just as excited for his little brother....

hey big brother, why are you opening mine?

i am must helping!

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