Thursday, December 8, 2016


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the teacher taught him star wars theme song...

not quite there yet
but he is improving

ever since i took that one and only one lesson with his teacher
i am appreciating his effort more
to date,
i am still not able to even get C right....

the other day when we met his music teacher during the parent-teacher day,
his teacher was quite surprised that he is taking trumpet classes...
after her explanation,
we realized that brass instruments are not the easiest for young kids to pick up....
this echoes what his trumpet teacher said to us earlier... that it is relatively difficult for young kids to get the high notes right....

and yes,
the reason may be a bit embarrassing...
it's because we love chet baker's music

hear that soft squeaking at the back?
that's little bb's no. of fans.... bbb!

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