Sunday, December 11, 2016

mami's little baking helper

it's really difficult to find time to do things without being "interrupted" by the boys

this morning
i was trying to bake some cookies for a little christmas gathering with little bb's friends in the afternoon
i was thinking that
this time slot would be a relatively better one as
at least one out, i.e. little bb went for his swimming class
so just one left, i.e. bbb

but it was a bit of a challenge 

i was thinking bbb would be just as happy to be seated next to me 
watching me make the cookies

but no!

he was grumpy
and at one point, he was about to pop out from his highchair


i had to put him on my nap
while i do the rolling and cutting....

he wanted to touch everything in sight
and eat everything in sight

imagine the chaos!
in light of the short window i have before little bb come home
and with the target to have all the cookies baked before lunch time.....

we did manage to achieve our target
so that we can join somotu and little bb for lunch

not bad as a first ever baking collaboration between mami and bbb!

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