Friday, December 23, 2016

christmas *master chef*

i couldn't take days off this christmas
so i signed little bb for two short christmas classes

the first one was this week,
christmas master chef!

on the first day,
he reported to me that he made pasta with mushroom and broccoli
and mixed fruit jelly on cake

i told him to remember to save some for me
but i went back home from work,
all that was left was the jelly...

the jelly on cake was actually yummy

and he said he did all the cutting (of the fruits)....

secretly, i know why he left the jelly for me,
he is actually not a fan of jelly

the second day, which was his last class,
he saved all the food for me...
cupcakes, marshmallow on candy cane and a sandwich....

though in the end, he begged me to let him have all the marshmallow....

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