Sunday, December 18, 2016

children's afternoon tea..... not quite

our favorite hangout during the festive season
children's afternoon tea
story telling 

last year, we weren't able to go as there was a clash with our schedule

this year, we made it and with new family members!

bbb looking so cute in the high chair
with matching pullover with big brother *smile*

place was the same
food was (almost) the same
festive decorations were the same
same gang (+ two new family members)

the only difference was
the big boys are no longer as thrilled with the story telling and games

they sat for awhile,
got up 
walked around
chased each other
played with the balloons as if they were light sabers
then all over again

guess they have grew out of it
but wait,
when they saw santa,
their reaction was still the same.....  totally excited!!!

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