Wednesday, December 28, 2016

+1 for daddy

it's daddy's birthday!

the night before
we prepared the birthday card secretly in the bedroom....
oh of course
nothing can be kept as a secret with little bb

when we were walking from the dining room to the bedroom to make the card,
he warned somotu 
"don't come in daddy ok?"
"we are busy"

somotu and i looked at each other and rolled our eyes at the same time...


i thought he was just going to write happy birthday
but no,
he wrote and wrote and wrote....

and yes!
i am jealous!

my birthday card only has four words:
dad, mom, kid and kid

why "kid"?  
because he wrote our names instead of "mom" and "dad" at first,
then somotu told him he can't address us by our first names
he needs to be respectful and call us "mom" and "dad'....
then next thing you know,
he erased his name and his brother's name
and wrote "kid"
*laugh x 1000000 times*

and so back to this card for daddy,
i asked him why he wrote so much for daddy
but so little for me...

"because i didn't have enough time!"

when i checked with somotu,
i was told little bb spent too much drawing the card
leaving no time for writing as it was almost past his bedtime that night....
or i should say, leaving somotu no patience left!  *laugh*

apart from the card,
we also made some magnets....
he thought of these himself:
"ready for action!"
"super dad"


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