Saturday, December 31, 2016

on the last day of 2016

went to the peak for lunch and a walk 
bumped into a couple of little bb's school friends...

and had our very first ice cream with hong kong style eggettes cones...
and it's double chocolate!
chocolate ice cream with chocolate eggettes!

... a nice and quiet (and yummy) way to end our 2016


2016 has not been an easy year

hope 2017 will bring more stability, inner peace and health to everyone i care about....

Friday, December 30, 2016

Thursday, December 29, 2016

my birthday present...... and a very good one

got this little twin stars fondue set from my sister in law 
and it is perfect
as little bb loves cheese and chocolate fondue

we can now do it at home!

this is our dinner on boxing day
with leftovers from christmas

yum yum!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

+1 for daddy

it's daddy's birthday!

the night before
we prepared the birthday card secretly in the bedroom....
oh of course
nothing can be kept as a secret with little bb

when we were walking from the dining room to the bedroom to make the card,
he warned somotu 
"don't come in daddy ok?"
"we are busy"

somotu and i looked at each other and rolled our eyes at the same time...


i thought he was just going to write happy birthday
but no,
he wrote and wrote and wrote....

and yes!
i am jealous!

my birthday card only has four words:
dad, mom, kid and kid

why "kid"?  
because he wrote our names instead of "mom" and "dad" at first,
then somotu told him he can't address us by our first names
he needs to be respectful and call us "mom" and "dad'....
then next thing you know,
he erased his name and his brother's name
and wrote "kid"
*laugh x 1000000 times*

and so back to this card for daddy,
i asked him why he wrote so much for daddy
but so little for me...

"because i didn't have enough time!"

when i checked with somotu,
i was told little bb spent too much drawing the card
leaving no time for writing as it was almost past his bedtime that night....
or i should say, leaving somotu no patience left!  *laugh*

apart from the card,
we also made some magnets....
he thought of these himself:
"ready for action!"
"super dad"


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

his new bike

he has outgrown his first bike for quite some time now....
we didn't plan to get him one until he is bigger
and just thought we would rent one whenever we go cycling...

the other day,
we went to the science park 
and he was the only one with no bike...

on our way back home,
somotu told me
little bb, at one point, clung to his feet,
with watery eyes, begged for a bike....

i could imagine how funny (and cute) his look is.....
for somotu, who is usually the strict one,
actually gave in
and decided to get little bb a bike

this is it....

his new bike in red

the iron man ride preview

to be honest, 
i was expecting more from the ride....

oh well,
we had a good time having cotton candy and popcorn

Monday, December 26, 2016

christmassy afternoon

back to our favorite place for the festive season
for a christmassy afternoon....

while we were waiting for the tea set,
the boys were busy with the cars....
and as usual, bbb was trying to eat it........

.... the tea set finally arrived
and little bb was the first one to dive right in!
look at that mouth and the excitement!

and while we were having our tea,
bbb had his own little mini tea set.......

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the morning he has been waiting since forever....................

dec 26, boxing day

the whole year long
he has been waiting, wishing, writing, 
waiting, wishing, writing

some mornings, 
we found him quietly and diligently writing on his little notebooks
look closer
it's pages after pages after pages
of his wish list for santa

board games

but most of the time,
its cars and lego

i think he must have written at least 30 pages full of things he wished for

this year,
he was exceptionally impatience
ever since he received his first christmas present this year
he has been asking if he could open them

and so finally
the night before dec 26

one of the last words before he went to bed was
"i am so excited about tomorrow,
i am going to wake up at 3am!"

he asked if he could start opening his presents without waiting for me to wake up

then came the big day....
he was so busy that morning...........

and of course, we have a new addition this year who also got a few presents....
little bb was just as excited for his little brother....

hey big brother, why are you opening mine?

i am must helping!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

christmas night

spent at the what i think to be the prettiest indoor christmas deco, as always...

bbb was thrilled with all the christmas songs, lighting and moving animals...
he was actually dancing and moving around to the music and lights
too much cuteness to handle *love*

.... and like i said before,
it's not easy getting the two boys looking at the camera at the same time...
this is one of the rare and successful ones....

and the dessert was absolutely yummy... love the cotton candy and ginger bits served with the ice cream... 

strike of midnight.....

santa dropped off the sack for little bb and bbb....
so the santa's spy has given a good report to santa

Saturday, December 24, 2016

santa is very busy, still

christmas eve

a very cozy gathering at kai ma's place the night before christmas....

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and this little guy just couldn't decide which way to go...
so funny to watch him sliding forward and backward

if anyone needs some good cleaning after the holidays,
let me know!
advance booking is recommended!

and it so happened that bbb turned 9 months old today!
the dessert tart came in really handy!

silent night

Friday, December 23, 2016

winter wonderland

christmas *master chef*

i couldn't take days off this christmas
so i signed little bb for two short christmas classes

the first one was this week,
christmas master chef!

on the first day,
he reported to me that he made pasta with mushroom and broccoli
and mixed fruit jelly on cake

i told him to remember to save some for me
but i went back home from work,
all that was left was the jelly...

the jelly on cake was actually yummy

and he said he did all the cutting (of the fruits)....

secretly, i know why he left the jelly for me,
he is actually not a fan of jelly

the second day, which was his last class,
he saved all the food for me...
cupcakes, marshmallow on candy cane and a sandwich....

though in the end, he begged me to let him have all the marshmallow....