Saturday, November 19, 2016

the longest weekend

one of the reasons for the late updates here is because of this....

bbb has not been doing great lately... 
after the hand foot mouth disease
he had to be hospitalized....

it started with him having fever since tuesday....
with medication, the fever remained high
so on thursday, we took him to our dr..
said it was virus infection 
took more medication
but the fever didn't come down, 
in fact it stayed high throughout the night 

we were really worried
(we didn't have this experience with little bb when he was at the age of bbb)

friday morning, we went to the hospital 
and was advised to let him stay in the hospital
for his fever didn't come down, started having diarrhea 
he didn't want to eat / drink at all so he was also becoming dehydrated....

shortly after the paperwork was done
he was sent to the treatment room to get his IV and blood test

i wasn't allowed to go in
i could only stand outside
hearing him crying and screaming
it really tore my heart into pieces

then i spent the next two nights in the hospital with him

poor little baby must be traumatized
for he wouldn't sit / sleep by himself
i needed to carry him throughout
even when he was sleeping....

we were sent home on sunday when his fever finally came down
and he was willing to start eating / drinking a little

a really really bad weekend.....
and it felt very long....

the worst part was
seeing his little hand all wrapped up with the IV inserted
i just couldn't bear it.......

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