Monday, November 21, 2016

thank you our firemen!

making up for last year
i try to sign up for as many parent volunteering as i can this year...

after last week's walk around the neighborhood to understand more about the community we live in,
this round,
it's a visit to the fire station

the kids behaved very well
probably because of all the gadgets being shown,
they were all very engaged and asked lots of questions
and some good questions too!
like, what to do when there is no water....  (@_@|||)

one of the most interesting part was about the pole drop
the kids had their eyes wide open when one of the fire men demonstrated how to descend from them...

"can we try?"
sorry, cannot.

learning more about how our fire men work together to protect and save lifes
(those boots and outer wear are really really suppeerrr heavy, 
imagine wearing all the gear and fighting against every second surrounded by smoke and fire....)
we really owe a big thank you to our fire men!

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