Sunday, November 6, 2016

.... more celebration!

and the birthday celebration continues....

same old spot as last year,
same good old friends,
the best birthday cake by dear kai ma joanna.
(these are the cutest superheroes i have ever seen, thanks a billion kai ma!)

and of course,
we have a new participant this year!
who is quietly sitting by himself,
munching his way away....

mami can't wait to see you up and running with the rest *smile*

and this was a twist...
the kids were daring each other to enter into this "dark spot"

1, 2, 3.... and the rest went in

"i am NOT afraid"
"i am not afraid TOO"
"what's in there?"
"NO, there is something scary!"
"i see......"
"what DID you see?"
"i see .....  cars!"

outbreak of laughters!
oh yes, cars are sometimes quite scary...

"no, i see something else SCARY!"

ooh yeah,
that's indeed very scary!


thanks to all the dear friends for coming over.....

i think i may just have to stop making birthday hats for little bb
since his first birthday celebration, i have been making the little hats to go with the theme...
i still have all of them in the closet

this year, he was really reluctant to put it on...
oh well, something can't be forced...
plus, i got a new target now to satisfy my desire to put my itchy hands into use *smile*

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