Saturday, October 29, 2016

fun by the sea

its been awhile since we last went to stanley
we went and with a new member, bbb!

after lunch, we strolled around the area
little bb had fun at the playground while bbb watched his monkey brother climbing up and down

when we were about to leave
we saw these bubble wand, a kind that we haven't seen before
a kind that makes really lonnnggggggg bubbles

little bb had so much fun with it and the bubbles it make

although he has turned 6
although he has grown in size
although he claims he is no longer a baby

one thing didn't change,
these bubbles still make him going all excited and happy *smile*

and our new member for this outing...

yes yes mom knows how much you want to join your big brother in his monkey tricks
but sorry you will have to wait a bit

and oh these cutest little sandals
they are hand-me-down from your big brother

sadly, your careless daddy didn't realize one of them came off while carrying you....
and yes,
mommy is very sad...
for they have a sentimental meaning...

your daddy has tried to make it up by calling the mall asking them to watch out for it
no phone calls yet

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