Tuesday, November 1, 2016

... and the celebration continues

last year,
i wasn't able to participate in little bb's school activities as much as i would like
due to my baby bump...
it included the birthday celebration at school.

seeing his friends' moms bringing birthday cakes to the class throughout the year,
i feel bad for not being able to it for little bb.

i made it one of the must-do things for this year.

the plan was to do this before his birthday and the term break
but it was cancelled due to the hand foot mouth disease which prevented him from going to school.

the class teacher was kind enough to let me reschedule...

it is such a big thing to me (i know i know, it's nothing big... *smile*)
that i took half day off for this special delivery to school.

and of course, the cake has to be special too *smile*

superhero cake by sparks & cakes...

i really love their meringue kisses
and today, i have the perfect excuses to get them again!

and just which superhero is this?!it's one of a kind!superhero A, by mami!

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