Tuesday, October 25, 2016

the wrapper

somotu has this theory that the tummy is the most important part of the body
in terms of staying away from getting sick....

and this theory is passed along to him by his mother.

somotu said when he was little, his mother used to wrap blankets, towels around his tummy
and told him as long as his tummy is kept warm, flu / cold will stay away....

as he is a firm believer of this,
he started doing this wrapping thing with little bb when little bb grew out of the infant sleeping bags.

we use blankets and ribbons to do the wrap 
but there is a problem to it.

the ribbons kept missing....

and so,
at the instruction of somotu,
i made this tummy wrapper.

soft organic cotton as the inner for softness and comfort
filling to add thickness to keep the little body warm
lots of velcro to secure the wrapper in place

this was another one of the late night sewing projects...
by the time i was done, it was already 2am!

the end product makes me laugh....
it looks like a girdle!

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