Friday, October 21, 2016


i find it very odd these days
where everyone in the town seems to know when and what signal of a typhoon will be hoisted...

it seems like everything has to be well managed and announced in advance,
otherwise, certain people will be blamed or receive complaints
even for weather....

as expected, today is a day off for us because T8 was hoisted in the morning...

spent almost the whole day at home with the babies...

very very naughty food
somotu said this is THE food to have on a typhoon day off....

and it has to be very exact,
fried eggs
luncheon meat
choi sum
instant noodles

late afternoon,
the signal was lowered...

when it was also bedtime for the babies,
i went out to meet my girlfriends
and had a great night out at one of the girl's new home....

i do miss these gatherings and laughter over nothing

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