Thursday, October 27, 2016

super six

on the day little bb turned 6,
we had a little outing to disney with a few of his classmates

little things:
~ the superhero mask i made for him for his 5 years old birthday still fit *smile*
~ before we left home that morning, one of his classmates recorded a voice message
asking little bb to wear the same blue star wars tee *how sweet*
~ little bb was very quiet during the car ride to disney....  a sign of his nervousness and excitement *cute*
~ after the first sticker given by one of the crew members, it went viral...  the boys wouldn't stop asking for stickers from any crew members in sight.  they didn't even mind getting *girly* ones, i.e. princess, etc *funny*
~ during lunch, we had a bbq pork bun as little bb's birthday cake *hahaha*
~ little bb is still afraid of any rides in the dark, he'd rather wait for his friends outside 
~ and yes, he refused to stay on stage for the jedi training....  *shhhh....  he is a bit scared of the "real" darth vader" and"kylo-ren"
~ his 1:1 captain america shield was the highlight of the day....  wherever we go, it was the catch of the eye
~ at one point, the parents couldn't locate us and the crew member asked "are you looking for captain america"... *laugh x 100*
~ this trip is the longest stay we had ever have...  from 11am till 6pm!  both somotu and i were totally exhausted!

happy birthday little bb!

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