Tuesday, October 11, 2016

star wars everywhere

we didn't plan for anything yesterday which was a public holiday

both somotu and i were totally burnt out over the weekend..
(yes i think i have under estimated the amount of energy and patience needed to handle four kids...
that is 2 boys and 2 dogs)

other than taking the family photos, as requested by me *smile*
we didn't really do anything

went to my favorite local little eatery, aka cha chaan teng, for lunch
(love the classics from the past, old-fashioned looking drinks chiller, floor tiles, window frames...)

then we ended wandering in the mall
and happily found ourselves to be surrounded by my all time favorite movie and characters...
star wars

waited in line to complete the star wars fighter mission camp 
by playing and building lego

oh i wanted so much to bring all the new star wars lego sets home!

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