Sunday, October 30, 2016

park fun!

the original plan was to take the boys to jordan valley park
oh boy
when we got there
the line of cars queuing to get into the parking area was soooooo looonnngggg
kind of scary

so we went to another park nearby instead

the weather was perfect for a visit to the park
not too hot nor sunny
with a bit of gentle breeze

all bbb could do now is see in its stroller and watch big brother dashing here and there
i couldn't wait to see the two of them playing together
chasing each other
trying to catch each other

at times (to be fair to him, quite often)
little bb is sweet 
he wants to be with his little brother
holding his tiny hands
cuddling him
kissing him
patting his little hand
(attempting) to carrying him around

and most of the time,
he wouldn't let me push the stroller with bbb in it
he has to be the one doing it

and today, 
i was lucky enough to be in the driver seat, taking control of the stroller
while little bb was too busy with his scooter

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