Sunday, October 9, 2016

great times with great friends

what a busy day for little bb!

spent the whole day with his friends doing fun things 

pottery time with my lovely god children

nothing surprising, all he wanted to make is superheroes
and so did i, just for him *smile*

he made iron man
and he wanted me to make captain america
which was a bit of a challenge as i kept having have to refer to the teacher's phone for
pictures of captain america as in his helmet, his outfit, his boots, his shield...

we will now need to wait for the heroes to be ready for coloring...

got home after the pottery class
to find more fun...

seen here messing around with bbb's play mats
i must say they are very creative...
didn't think we could build houses with them!
even better
soccer goals!
what creative minds they have!

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