Thursday, October 13, 2016

cars and things that go

a few sundays ago,
we went to a motor festival at gold coast with a neighbor who is, if not more, equally into cars as somotu
(actually i would say, more crazy)

classic and vintage cars were displayed
super cars here 
collector cars there
some apparently have sky-high prices....

our car lover dads, with sparkles in their eyes, trotted from one section to another section

the kids?
they were busy playing reporters....  taking photos everywhere from every angle
(photo credit for the pictures above goes to little bb)

the moms?
wandering around the lawn...........  aimlessly

at one point, we came upon an indoor exhibition...
it was like finding water in the desert...

quickly the mommies took the kids in
happily (also luckily)
there were drawing tables to keep the kids entertained...

here, a future car designed by little bb....

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