Monday, October 31, 2016

Sunday, October 30, 2016

park fun!

the original plan was to take the boys to jordan valley park
oh boy
when we got there
the line of cars queuing to get into the parking area was soooooo looonnngggg
kind of scary

so we went to another park nearby instead

the weather was perfect for a visit to the park
not too hot nor sunny
with a bit of gentle breeze

all bbb could do now is see in its stroller and watch big brother dashing here and there
i couldn't wait to see the two of them playing together
chasing each other
trying to catch each other

at times (to be fair to him, quite often)
little bb is sweet 
he wants to be with his little brother
holding his tiny hands
cuddling him
kissing him
patting his little hand
(attempting) to carrying him around

and most of the time,
he wouldn't let me push the stroller with bbb in it
he has to be the one doing it

and today, 
i was lucky enough to be in the driver seat, taking control of the stroller
while little bb was too busy with his scooter

Saturday, October 29, 2016

fun by the sea

its been awhile since we last went to stanley
we went and with a new member, bbb!

after lunch, we strolled around the area
little bb had fun at the playground while bbb watched his monkey brother climbing up and down

when we were about to leave
we saw these bubble wand, a kind that we haven't seen before
a kind that makes really lonnnggggggg bubbles

little bb had so much fun with it and the bubbles it make

although he has turned 6
although he has grown in size
although he claims he is no longer a baby

one thing didn't change,
these bubbles still make him going all excited and happy *smile*

and our new member for this outing...

yes yes mom knows how much you want to join your big brother in his monkey tricks
but sorry you will have to wait a bit

and oh these cutest little sandals
they are hand-me-down from your big brother

sadly, your careless daddy didn't realize one of them came off while carrying you....
and yes,
mommy is very sad...
for they have a sentimental meaning...

your daddy has tried to make it up by calling the mall asking them to watch out for it
no phone calls yet


mama said,
i am finally good for a promotion!

drinking from a sippy cup!

Friday, October 28, 2016


birthday dinner

it was a day of celebration (for the first time ever)
after spending the whole morning and afternoon in the park with his friends
we went home to take bbb with us back to the hotel for dinner
at the request of little bb

seeing them interacting is one of the sweetest and cutest thing

and for the first time,
bbb tried sitting on a high chair while dining out

it didn't hold him for too long
but long enough for me to think it's super cute *smile*

Thursday, October 27, 2016

super six

on the day little bb turned 6,
we had a little outing to disney with a few of his classmates

little things:
~ the superhero mask i made for him for his 5 years old birthday still fit *smile*
~ before we left home that morning, one of his classmates recorded a voice message
asking little bb to wear the same blue star wars tee *how sweet*
~ little bb was very quiet during the car ride to disney....  a sign of his nervousness and excitement *cute*
~ after the first sticker given by one of the crew members, it went viral...  the boys wouldn't stop asking for stickers from any crew members in sight.  they didn't even mind getting *girly* ones, i.e. princess, etc *funny*
~ during lunch, we had a bbq pork bun as little bb's birthday cake *hahaha*
~ little bb is still afraid of any rides in the dark, he'd rather wait for his friends outside 
~ and yes, he refused to stay on stage for the jedi training....  *shhhh....  he is a bit scared of the "real" darth vader" and"kylo-ren"
~ his 1:1 captain america shield was the highlight of the day....  wherever we go, it was the catch of the eye
~ at one point, the parents couldn't locate us and the crew member asked "are you looking for captain america"... *laugh x 100*
~ this trip is the longest stay we had ever have...  from 11am till 6pm!  both somotu and i were totally exhausted!

happy birthday little bb!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

i wish this could be our breakfast every morning

the wrapper

somotu has this theory that the tummy is the most important part of the body
in terms of staying away from getting sick....

and this theory is passed along to him by his mother.

somotu said when he was little, his mother used to wrap blankets, towels around his tummy
and told him as long as his tummy is kept warm, flu / cold will stay away....

as he is a firm believer of this,
he started doing this wrapping thing with little bb when little bb grew out of the infant sleeping bags.

we use blankets and ribbons to do the wrap 
but there is a problem to it.

the ribbons kept missing....

and so,
at the instruction of somotu,
i made this tummy wrapper.

soft organic cotton as the inner for softness and comfort
filling to add thickness to keep the little body warm
lots of velcro to secure the wrapper in place

this was another one of the late night sewing projects...
by the time i was done, it was already 2am!

the end product makes me laugh....
it looks like a girdle!

Monday, October 24, 2016

cookie monster is back!

late night bakingchocolate oatmeal cookiesyummy!
p.s. it feels so good to have the whole house filled up with the aroma of these cookies *smile*

7 months already?! me?!

Sunday, October 23, 2016


both boys have recovered from HFM
and they can be released!

finally can breathe some fresh air

back to a normal weekend...

on saturday, we went cycling along the west kowloon promenade

for me, it has been over a year since i last cycled due to the baby bump...
so happy to be able to feel the breeze through my hair and face again....

on sunday, we went to the science park with both boys...
this time, it's scooter fun

it rained quite heavily after we finished our lunch there..
but of course, the rain couldn't put out the eagerness in little bb to just run about....

while we wait for the rain to stop, he was running around with his scooter
laughing his silly laugh as he felt the rain falling on him...

we were indeed lucky as the rain, actually quite heavy, did eventually stop.

it's bbb's first time to the science park 
and being his usual curious self
he just couldn't stop looking around

(last night while going through some old photos,
somotu found a picture of little bb wearing the little white hat somotu got him...
the picture was taken at science park around the age of bbb now....
somotu wanted to go today with bbb, wearing the same hat....
and of course, the same stroller...

the hat pictured above, wasn't that same hat...
i took along two hats with us just in case...
and this blue one is from me....)

and here,
little bb showing off his batman socks...
he loves them as....  they come with capes at the back!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

ready to take off!

we finally settled with this arrangement of the droids...

now our apprentice is really ready!

this seat beat cover is a very easy sewing project,
now i want to make more for myself and friends *smile*

Friday, October 21, 2016


i find it very odd these days
where everyone in the town seems to know when and what signal of a typhoon will be hoisted...

it seems like everything has to be well managed and announced in advance,
otherwise, certain people will be blamed or receive complaints
even for weather....

as expected, today is a day off for us because T8 was hoisted in the morning...

spent almost the whole day at home with the babies...

very very naughty food
somotu said this is THE food to have on a typhoon day off....

and it has to be very exact,
fried eggs
luncheon meat
choi sum
instant noodles

late afternoon,
the signal was lowered...

when it was also bedtime for the babies,
i went out to meet my girlfriends
and had a great night out at one of the girl's new home....

i do miss these gatherings and laughter over nothing

Thursday, October 20, 2016


missing my days during my maternity leave over the summer...after the one month confinement, i couldn't wait to go out and of the places i go quite frequent is the muji cafelove their meal courses which i get to choose the petite dishes....andlittle bb gets to his kids' meal which he loves (i.e. he loves anything that is called "kids' meal")
we haven't been there since i return to of these days, we must go again!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

food sampling

so far bbb has tried
baby cereal
winter squash
winter melon

tomorrow let's try carrots

next month, 
he will be promoted to the next level.....

a meal to replace one milk feeding!

so far,
he is interested in the food (well, except winter squash)

he sits with us during dinner time
when he sees us putting food in our food,
he gave us this eager look
with his little mouth open and close...

the other day,
he almost buried his head into the bowl of tofu

so cute and funny *smile*

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

big feet small feet cute feet

little bb is still staying at home
waiting for full recovery....

for someone active, 
and who loves going to school,
these few days have been long and boring...

one up side to this is that
i see him making more effort to interact with bbb

holding bbb,
reading together,
playing together with bbb's toys,
feeding bbb,
patting bbb's head and face


the best part
was doing the baby talk

bbb goes "oooooo"
little bb goes "ooo ooo oooo"

bbb goes "aaaaaaaa"
little bb goes "aaa aaa aaa"

with this
it suddenly become very real to me that 
one day,
these two precious babies of mine will be interacting and talking to each other!

i know this is silly... of course they will be talking 
but this never felt as real as the moment i see them doing this baby talk

one day,
the two will be happily chit chatting
then the next minute fighting over toys

one day,
the two will be holding hands
then the next minute arguing over nothing

one day,
the two will be cycling side by side
then the next minute getting upset at one being faster than the other

one day,
the two will be sitting next to each other doing homework
then the next minute arguing over who knows it all

i can really see and feel it coming now

thank you God for these precious little gifts
thank you God for answering my prayers

sometimes i look at myself
and wonder how i could ever be a good parent, providing them the guidance they need

God, please help remind me how blessed i am at times of doubt
please guide me when i feel lost and lack confidence

Saturday, October 15, 2016


both little bb and bbb are suffering from hand foot mouth disease
went to the doctor and got this confirmed this morning....


little bb is actually ok...  no pain or anything
just a bit of sore throat

bbb, on the other hand, can't sleep at night....
probably the sore throat

poor babies

mami wish i could take it completely away from you two 
i rather have it myself...

please recover asap...

Friday, October 14, 2016

the brothers

most of the time (yes, most not all)
little bb is gentle with bbb

he pats his head gently
he talks to him in the softest voice
he lifts him up carefully
he puts his arm around him to make sure he doesn't fall
he shares his toys and books with him
he wants to keep all his stuff and pass to him when he is older

(and yes, sometimes, he still gets jealous 
but it's getting better

my boys

1, 2, 3, 4 boys

some tall, some short
some shaped like a rectangle, some shaped like a ball
some are hairy, some are very hairy
some are smelly, some are very sweaty
some talks like a grown up, some talks like a baby
some think they are wise and old, some think nothing but eat, sleep and play

i love them all

Thursday, October 13, 2016

cars and things that go

a few sundays ago,
we went to a motor festival at gold coast with a neighbor who is, if not more, equally into cars as somotu
(actually i would say, more crazy)

classic and vintage cars were displayed
super cars here 
collector cars there
some apparently have sky-high prices....

our car lover dads, with sparkles in their eyes, trotted from one section to another section

the kids?
they were busy playing reporters....  taking photos everywhere from every angle
(photo credit for the pictures above goes to little bb)

the moms?
wandering around the lawn...........  aimlessly

at one point, we came upon an indoor exhibition...
it was like finding water in the desert...

quickly the mommies took the kids in
happily (also luckily)
there were drawing tables to keep the kids entertained...

here, a future car designed by little bb....