Tuesday, September 27, 2016

inside the fitting room

a few weeks ago,
we went shopping for little bb's wardrobe....

our target was a short sleeve polo shirt

yes, because he doesn't actually have any short sleeve tops with collar...

because i, the one who is paying, don't like short sleeve tops with collar

little bb likes short sleeves and short pants........

the other day,
there was a student photo taking session at school and kids are supposed to dress smart-casual.

without hesitation, i put out a very nice (i think it's very nice) long sleeve shirt for him.
yes it's summer, so i rolled up the sleeves for him.

but oh boy,
he had a big reaction and we had a "very serious and loud" conversation....

he didn't want to wear long sleeves even when the sleeves were rolled up
i didn't want him to look too casual in the photo.

in the end, he did wear the long sleeve shirt
though he came home that night,
complaining about how the sleeves kept falling down and 
claimed that no one else was wearing long sleeves.

i know it's very silly to "argue" about such a thing
i told him we would shop for a short sleeve top with collar ...
which means a polo shirt...

we went to the shop and found no polo shirt that we liked....
actually there weren't too many summer clothes on display as season is about to change...

spotting some little boys posing handsomely in the posters with checkered shirts and jean jacket...
we managed to persuade him to change his mind...  *hahahaha*

and for the first time,
he requested to "try on the clothes in the fitting room"

and so this is what it was like inside the fitting room
together with bbb....

little bb enjoyed the experience so much that he didn't want to leave the fitting room!


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