Wednesday, August 3, 2016

a different kind of shopping

the recent trip to osaka was my first in a couple of ways...

my first time going to japan with my girl friends:

~ which we actually put aside some time for sightseeing.

~ which i wasn't interested in shopping for clothes, but these:

got most of these from shops along Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street.

it was very nice of the teachers in the cooking centre to share information about this street
and told me not to get the cooking and baking utensils from them 
but rather wait till my trip to osaka as there are more varieties and cheaper!

in my mind, there is a list of items to get.
and i ended up getting most of them *happy*

of all the things i got, these are the most special *smile*

little tools to make beating eggs easier.....

pan for making oyakodon!   this is one of the neatest thing....  the vertical handle makes it easier to
slide the fried chicken and egg mixture onto the rice bowl.

this pair of chopsticks is called "master of tamagoyako"....
i used it the other night,
and indeed,
it's the master!
it made the rolling of the egg mixture so much easier!!!!

a little wand to roll on bread dough in order to let the air out after leavening....

another neat thing!!!
a fluted wall wheel shaped bread mold for making this....

happy cooking and baking!

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