Sunday, July 10, 2016

hooray! 100 days dinner!

as a chinese custom,
we had a 100 days dinner for our relatives and godparents today.

for the grannies,
it is a big event *smile*

for me,
it's all about the decoration, cake and sweets *LAUGH*

i have been setting my eyes over the cakes from sparks & cakes for awhile...
love their simple, original and homey style.

i had a hard time picking the cake.
they have a few cakes which i really liked.
finally settled with the wavy ruffles for the body of the cake.
as for the top of the cake, i decided on having it covered with meringue kisses.

color theme is white and gold with hints of grey, yellow and blue.

browsing through their website and facebook,
i couldn't resist not getting their marshmallow pops and more meringue kisses
*yum yum*

as for decoration,
i got some balloons to match with the color theme...
oh boy, i didn't know how tiring it could be to pump these balloons!

one neat thing to share is how to have the balloons "standing"
very simple and quick to make.
(will share that later)

oh and it was quite some fun to jazz up the balloons with glitter, confetti and glittering stickers.
little bb kept begging me to let him make more *laugh*

apart from the balloons,
also make a stand up sign and party hats for little bb and bbb.

the cake and sweets arrived in the afternoon...
and i just love how the packaging matches with all the balloons!

and yes,
the cake and the sweets were very yummy!
especially the meringue kisses, i couldn't stop eating them!

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