Wednesday, July 13, 2016

first in four years

and so,
i finally did it....

finally went on a girl's trip...

it took me quite some time to decide...

should i go or not?

the thought of leaving my boys behind made me feel guilty

and that my maternity leave is coming to end made me feel like i should spend as much time as possible with them...

just when i was about to stay
my dear friend reminded me that we haven't been on a girl's trip for four years....

that's true

i don't know when i will have the opportunity again
especially when bbb grows older and become more attached...
it will be even harder to leave the boys behind...

and so i decided to go.  a very short trip....  lesser the guilt....

the night i packed my suitcase,
little bb came over and asked whether i needed to bring something along that would 
"help you, mami, when you miss me"...

oh little bb, you read my mind!
i was actually thinking about this!!!

how happy and heartwarming i felt!

yes baby, please... mami would need to bring along things that i could hold onto whenever i miss you.

these are the things he gave me:
~ a whistle*
~ a flag
~ a pen

and i took one of bbb's little handkerchief**....  it was full of his bb smell *hmmmmm*

apart from these,
we also put tattoos on our arms
so that it would be like we were next to each other...

he chose a star, a gem, an arrow for me...

.... and finally,
he said he wanted to go too.............

* when i came home,
i was told that little bb was looking everywhere for the whistle!
he has forgotten that he gave it to me!

** i slept with bbb's handkerchief on the first night of our trip.
but i was constantly awake, fearing i would lose it...
(very silly of course...  how could i lose it).
i put it back in my suitcase the following morning...

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