Friday, July 15, 2016

eat eat eat

one of our goals of our trip is to drink lots of coffee

and we did

but it turned out that it was the food that surprised us the most...

breakfast....  acai bowl topped with frozen berries + almond mocha iced coffee

two types of japanese style indian curry with special sauce + iced chai....
this dish is SOOOO yummy....  
i almost wanted to go for a second...  but i needed to control myself *smile*

framboise + adzuki iced lolly
we were totally chilled out after popping this into our mouth!

cold soba with ume

shaved ice topped with coffee powder on top of coffee jello
this dessert is totally heavenly!
the ice was so smoooth and soft.... 
the coffee taste was just right...  it goes so well with the slightly sweetened shaved ice.

like i said above,
the coffee we had this trip was not bad
but the food we had was oh so yummy!!!!

i would need to start to worry about controlling myself if this trip was any longer

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