Saturday, July 16, 2016

eat eat eat .... soba rojina ロージナ

on our first day of arrival at osaka,
the first stop was the bookshop...

i wanted to look for books on zakka
didn't come across any
but travel books / guides

there was one that caught our sight
it was this magazine: 歩く京都

kyoto wasn't in our plan for this trip
but seeing the little streets, cafes and eateries featured in the magazine
we wanted to pay kyoto a visit.

of the soba places featured,
this one, rojina, was the one we wanted to try...
and it was all because of this bowl of soba called はりそば
which is served cold with slices of sudachi 酢橘

it would be perfect for this hot and sunny weather!

and so we went all the way from osaka to kyoto....

after a long walk....
we came to find out that its soba has been sold out!

imagine how disappointed it was!

for the first few minutes,
we wouldn't believe what we came to find out...
we kept peeping through the door and window...

we could hear steady pounding sound...
but the door remained closed.

it must be the kneading / pounding....

how disappointed we were!

and of course,
we found out later that it was on the michelin guide!


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