Saturday, July 2, 2016

101 happy days + crazy piping fun

and so,
to make up for missing bbb's 100 days,
we whipped up some fun
(ah-hem...  i know,
it's more like for us than for him

last saturday, we were invited to a birthday party 
where we baked cookies and decorated cupcakes...
little bb enjoyed the piping part...

so for today,
we baked little sponge cakes
and whipped up some buttercream to do piping....

one was supposed to be sky blue...
didn't add enough color
and we ended up having two *green* colored buttercream

this was the first one little bb decorated...
i was quite surprised with how well he controlled the piping bag to make the heart...

it started quite well
(with some help from me)

until almost half way through...
it got lost a bit....
i was told these were ice cream....

a crazy roller coaster he said.

more crazy rides!!!

.... and
after all the piping fun,
happy 101 days bbb!

all you can do is watch us gobble down the little cupcakes!

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Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

These are wonderful! I remember backing cupcakes with my mom each year on my birthday. Very happy memories:) I hope bb enjoyed this a lot too!

aileen ♥ motu said...

what wonderful and sweet memories!!! i really hope little bb will remember and cherish these moments!