Wednesday, June 29, 2016

the radio dept

one of my favorite bands

couldn't believe they would be in town when i first saw tickets on sale...
immediately got myself a ticket
(yes, just one ticket as i didn't know of anyone else into them)

just when i was all ready to go by myself
somotu said he wouldn't mind going (as long as i am paying for his ticket *laugh*)

so, here we are tonight!

me standing upfront
somotu sitting on a bench at the back

it has been an incredibly long wait for their new album...
a couple of new songs were performed tonight
and read here that the new album may be out soon

i first heard of them from the movie, marie antoinette,
and i couldn't get their music out of my head...

don't know how best to describe it
... it's like being teleport'd to another world of weightlessness and nothingness...
free and floating

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