Tuesday, June 14, 2016

star wars takeover

after the graduation ceremony,
we went to the disney with a few classmates.

we have avoided the park (for reasons being... too crowded... too hot...  too much of the same thing....),
but we decided to join the gang when we found out that there are a couple of star wars attractions - the star wars tomorrowland takeover!

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the boys ensemble their own light saber which they (including us) were thrilled about!

talking about the space mountain ride,
little bb was scared!

we didn't think it was a ride for kids
but a classmate of little bb said she isn't a single bit afraid of it
and has already rode 5 times!

without knowing what he was about to encounter,
we went for it!
little bb sat with somotu
while i sat with little bb's classmate.

as soon as the ride started, i knew little bb would be scared...
first of all, it was very dark,
and, it was FAST with drops and quick turns.

it was too dark but i felt a little head and hands on my nap...
little bb's classmate was scared...
and so was i!
as his parents were not with him,
i need to make sure he is alright!
i held his hands tight with one hand
with my other hand over his hand.
i was worried that he would hurt his neck!

little bb and somotu sat in front of us...
while i was taking care of the little guy next to me,
i was worried about little bb....

too much worrying.... i ended up not enjoying the ride *smile*

i wanted to go back for a second ride
but needed to stay with both boys while the rest of the gang went in again.
oh well, next time!

my best moments were meeting R2D2 and chewie in person!

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the boys asked if they are real or just pretend...
i insisted that they are real
luckily the staff played along *smile*

there were relatively very few people in the park
didn't have to wait in long lines for the rides and photo taking...
which was great!
we will be back for more star wars stuff!

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