Wednesday, June 22, 2016

our new morning routine

with summer vacation started for about a week now,
we have a new routine for the morning...

every morning (well, almost every....  sometimes every midnight...  more about this later)
i am greeted by a little hand...
followed by the little body...

shortly after, another little (or littler) body is brought to the bed (by somotu)...

just imagine how crowded our bed is...

these two little bodies will cuddle up, have small talks, etc etc...

this morning, little bb took my mirror and talked bbb through his face

"this is your nose,
this is your mouth,
this is your eye

and this was the response:

little bb is enjoying this routine...
"mami, i like coming to your bed and play with little brother"

my little boys,
i am enjoying these precious moments too *smile*

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