Wednesday, June 22, 2016

moomin and his friends

this is our second time to this moomin cafe.  

it was around christmas when we were here last time.
there was quite a long line for the tables and we had to wait to take pictures with the characters.

little bb seemed to have forgotten the name of moomin 
as he called him "the big fat guy" as we walked pass one by the entrance of the cafe.

this time, we went in after lunch hour and it was much better.
no waiting at all.

and the best part was,
we could sit with the characters throughout our meal!

at first, it was just moomin...
as we ate,
the waitresses kept inviting other characters to join us...

both of us were thrilled!
it is so funny and cute to be surrounded by characters while eating...

little bb asked me what are their names....
hmmmm.... sorry little bb, mami only knows moomin*...
then, little bb did the cutest thing!
he turned to the kangaroo looking guy, looking innocent and asked,
"what is your name?"

his innocent look and still girlish voice almost killed me!

i told him to ask the waitress which he did...
but he refused to ask for the name of the other characters saying
"why you are making me ask for all of their names?  it's your turn now!"
okok!  hahahahaha

*i just found out here that the proper name of the big fat guy with a black hat sitting next to little bb is moominpappa.... 


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Haha:) And it looks like he had fun!
I've been wanting to go to the Moomin Cafe so bad! But I might just get my chance next spring;) Was the food nice?

Anyway, in case you're still wondering… the brown creature is called sniff and the small white ones are the hattifatteners;)

aileen ♥ motu said...

the food is actually quite good! the dish i had was fried pork cutlet in japanese curry.

thanks for letting me know, i will pass this on to little bb!