Saturday, June 11, 2016

me, cooking!

some real cooking at home here!!

i think the last time i did was when we first got married...
i tried to make a tofu dish and ended up having somotu requesting me not to cook ever again!

with my recent attempt with cooking classes,
i finally tried out one of the dishes at home tonight.

it was a very busy saturday for us...
so somotu was worried that the whole house would be starving given my clumsiness around the kitchen.

but i did it!

the house was served the hamburg steak set i learned this week...

when the dishes were served, little bb exclaimed, "very pretty mami!"*

he had his first spoon and dig right back to the dish for a second serving....

so happy to see no leftovers!

now, i shall try to reproduce a different dish i learned...

*actually little bb's comment was a bit funny to me...
i was expecting something along the lines, "mami, they smell so good!"
rather than, "mami, very pretty!"
well, at least a positive comment!

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