Thursday, June 23, 2016

little present for little brother

every now and then, 
little bb says he wants to make something for bbb,
he wants to save enough stars to get a present for bbb,
etc etc...

this afternoon,
he was busy at the lego corner.

when he was finally done,
he came around,
putting these "bracelets" on our wrists,
one for himself, one for somotu, one for me and one for bbb.

when i looked closer,
they were the "pants" of the many lego men he has!
what a funny idea!

it was very very sweet of him to think of making one for bbb....

after letting him put it on bbb's hand,
i had to explain to little bb that not all toys (or things) are suitable for bbb yet...
(of course, i got asked tons of "why")
and then removed it from bbb's hand.

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