Tuesday, May 31, 2016

late for school

for the first time ever this school year,
little bb said he wasn't well enough for school.

after some back and forth,
i ended up taking him back to school later in the morning
as he insisted on going back to school.

by the time we arrived at school, it was already lunch time....
so we went straight to the chapel to join his classmates for lunch...

he seemed well and quickly settled down....

i stayed around a bit to make sure he was alright before i left...
while next to him, i got lots of questions from his classmates

"are you a teacher?"
"are you a class helper?"
"are you a lunch time helper?"
"why is andre late today?"
"why is he sick?"

some of the kids recognized me and kept waving at me and calling me...

it was a very rushed morning (not to mention very worried)
but seeing little bb feeling better
and interacting with his classmates 
made the grey clouds go away.

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