Sunday, June 5, 2016

his first big-people movie

yesterday, somotu said little bb is ready for the real thing...

this afternoon, little bb was shown the movie at home........

he called out the names of the characters as they appeared...
held the book to match the scenes with the drawings in the book

he grew quieter and quieter
grabbing the cushion tighter and tighter
the book closer and closer to his face

then he started telling us that the movie is "boring"

it was around this scene when he said he didn't want to watch it further...
and asked somotu to end the movie

somotu didn't stop playing the movie (just to see little bb's reaction)

when asked why he didn't want to watch it anymore...
he gave us these *reasons*:
~ the movie is too boring
~ he likes the book more
~ he is sleepy

and then he covered his head with the cushion and pretended to sleep...

okok little bb,
that's alright...
you are not ready for big-people's movies yet

and secretly, i am glad that little bb didn't enjoy the movie
as i prefer reading to watching movies (any movies...  i am not a movie person at all)
though somotu is just the opposite *laugh*

reading is good for the soul!

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