Friday, June 10, 2016

daddy's turn

so today was somotu's turn...  father's day celebration at school!
since i am still on maternity leave,
i decided to tag along
(i felt really bad for missing alot of little bb's school activities while i was carrying bbb in my tummy)

the other parents were saying that it's unfair how the daddies got far less presents
than the mommies,
and one mommy told us her kid said,
"teacher said the father's day song is not as important as the graduation song"

so they must be focusing on the graduation song instead

don't worry somotu,
little bb will make it up to you this sunday.

so somotu got a riddle and a big card from little bb...

and i can't stop laughing when i saw this:
"i love you more than superman and even more than green lantern"

somotu, you are indeed THE superhero of all the superheroes...

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