Tuesday, June 21, 2016

cooking time!

since little bb liked the japanese rolled omelette so much,
i gave it a try at home tonight,
together with the stew.

i started preparing the stew early in the day so that the pork and veggies could soak up the flavor.

timing wise was just about right when it was time for dinner.

however, the omelette took longer than expected.

i couldn't do it as nicely as i did in the class....  the first one was almost burnt *laugh*

the second one was slightly better but still too brown...

by the time i finished making the rolled omelette,
little bb and somotu were already full as the whole pot of nikujaga was gone already!

little bb could only have about one whole roll of the omelette
and i was left with all the rest, which was about 6 eggs 
(it takes two eggs to make one whole roll of omelette)!!

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