Thursday, June 9, 2016

class of 2016... warm up

next tuesday is little bb's kindergarten graduation ceremony....

we are especially lucky this year to be in a class full of supportive and loving parents.
they are always helpful, informative and proactive...
i think we may be the most cohesive preparatory class...
many thanks to all the parents 
millions of thanks to those who are particularly active in the group.

it started with a suggestion by one of the parents
and we ended up having a wonderful and thoughtful warm up party for the big day.

the kids had so much fun....
hope we can all cherish the friendship as surely they will become one of our fondest memories.

kindergarten graduation is just a tiny milestone in the whole scheme of things
and honestly speaking,
i tend not to think too much of it...
but i must say, having little brother now, 
it makes me realize how fast these little people grow up
and how quickly we are losing part of them....

like how little bb used to cry when i am out of sight 
now he dashes off when he sees his friends...

like how little bb used to need me to lie down next to him with my arms around him in order for him to fall asleep
now he happily climbs up to his upper bed without needing me

looking at little bb and bbb, it is ever so apparent to me that 
it is important to cherish all the little moments i have with them
be it cutting their nails,
helping them with the socks when their little toes are caught in between,
feeding milk,
shopping for their food,
preparing lunch and snack boxes,
picking them up from the school bus,
walking them to their classes,
waiting for them....
as one day i will find myself missing them as little people 
these priceless and precious little moments...

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