Thursday, June 30, 2016

6th cooking class: Okonomiyaki

japanese pancake

again, it is something that i don't particularly fancy but little bb likes...

it was easy to make
tastier than the ones i had before


this is what i like and wanted to learn how to make...

the one we learned today is green tea flavor...
yum yum yum!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

the radio dept

one of my favorite bands

couldn't believe they would be in town when i first saw tickets on sale...
immediately got myself a ticket
(yes, just one ticket as i didn't know of anyone else into them)

just when i was all ready to go by myself
somotu said he wouldn't mind going (as long as i am paying for his ticket *laugh*)

so, here we are tonight!

me standing upfront
somotu sitting on a bench at the back

it has been an incredibly long wait for their new album...
a couple of new songs were performed tonight
and read here that the new album may be out soon

i first heard of them from the movie, marie antoinette,
and i couldn't get their music out of my head...

don't know how best to describe it
... it's like being teleport'd to another world of weightlessness and nothingness...
free and floating

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

welcome to the world of whatsapp!

the other afternoon the grannies came over to our house to see the little ones...

i spotted little bb holding grandma's iphone..  looking very busy...

"you are not supposed to be using iphone!  give it back to por por!"

my mom said, "no, he is trying to write something to you!"

well alright.. "let's see what he is up to!"

then i heard him asking my mom how to spell a couple of words...

after awhile, my mom asked me to check my phone...

and this is what i got:

so it was a whatsapp message! 
it is the first time ever he wrote in complete sentences!  
and that they actually make sense!

i love every single word of it
but the best bit was:
"may the force be with you"

i guess i have successfully star-wars-brainwashed him!

for the record, the above is the typical kind of messages i get from him *laugh*

little bb really did his job as a big brother that day...
i was busy preparing for bbb's feeding time while he was crying (for milk)...
i didn't check on bbb as i thought the crying was him being hungry 
and i would be with him very shortly...

next thing i know, little bb came running to me saying that 
bbb's head tilted to the back and was looking very uncomfortable..
i rushed to the room and quickly unbuckled him and picked him up...
the safety belts were still fastened but he must have cried and moved too much, 
his body has slanted downwards, making his head tilted back a bit...

bbb stopped crying after some comforting....

bbb, mami is so sorry....  this won't happen again
little bb, mami is very thankful that you helped watching over bbb...

Monday, June 27, 2016

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Saturday, June 25, 2016

new toy for all

everyone is very happy with this new bouncer from kai ma joanna..

little bb sees this as his new toy...  
he keeps bouncing it for bbb...  
carrying it around when bbb is not in it as if it is his little luggage.

brownie and sugar can now get up close to bbb easily...
sneaking a kiss on his face every now and then,
licking his toes and cheeks non-stop...

and for bbb,
it's just endless entertainment from all the above

Friday, June 24, 2016


bbb is 3 months old today!

made each a party hat the night before......

and it wasn't easy getting the four together for some proper pictures *laugh*

one being silly,
one being tired,
one being bored,
one...  don't know what he is thinking........

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...  too much kissing going on...

.... to be continued....

Thursday, June 23, 2016

little present for little brother

every now and then, 
little bb says he wants to make something for bbb,
he wants to save enough stars to get a present for bbb,
etc etc...

this afternoon,
he was busy at the lego corner.

when he was finally done,
he came around,
putting these "bracelets" on our wrists,
one for himself, one for somotu, one for me and one for bbb.

when i looked closer,
they were the "pants" of the many lego men he has!
what a funny idea!

it was very very sweet of him to think of making one for bbb....

after letting him put it on bbb's hand,
i had to explain to little bb that not all toys (or things) are suitable for bbb yet...
(of course, i got asked tons of "why")
and then removed it from bbb's hand.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

moomin and his friends

this is our second time to this moomin cafe.  

it was around christmas when we were here last time.
there was quite a long line for the tables and we had to wait to take pictures with the characters.

little bb seemed to have forgotten the name of moomin 
as he called him "the big fat guy" as we walked pass one by the entrance of the cafe.

this time, we went in after lunch hour and it was much better.
no waiting at all.

and the best part was,
we could sit with the characters throughout our meal!

at first, it was just moomin...
as we ate,
the waitresses kept inviting other characters to join us...

both of us were thrilled!
it is so funny and cute to be surrounded by characters while eating...

little bb asked me what are their names....
hmmmm.... sorry little bb, mami only knows moomin*...
then, little bb did the cutest thing!
he turned to the kangaroo looking guy, looking innocent and asked,
"what is your name?"

his innocent look and still girlish voice almost killed me!

i told him to ask the waitress which he did...
but he refused to ask for the name of the other characters saying
"why you are making me ask for all of their names?  it's your turn now!"
okok!  hahahahaha

*i just found out here that the proper name of the big fat guy with a black hat sitting next to little bb is moominpappa.... 

our new morning routine

with summer vacation started for about a week now,
we have a new routine for the morning...

every morning (well, almost every....  sometimes every midnight...  more about this later)
i am greeted by a little hand...
followed by the little body...

shortly after, another little (or littler) body is brought to the bed (by somotu)...

just imagine how crowded our bed is...

these two little bodies will cuddle up, have small talks, etc etc...

this morning, little bb took my mirror and talked bbb through his face

"this is your nose,
this is your mouth,
this is your eye

and this was the response:

little bb is enjoying this routine...
"mami, i like coming to your bed and play with little brother"

my little boys,
i am enjoying these precious moments too *smile*

burn energy, burn!

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as summer vacation hasn't really started for a lot of schools,
kiddy places are not crowded yet...

the other afternoon, we went to the park and it was nearly empty!

the grand orange slide is the most popular hang out for kids
but we had it all to ourselves!

he has been playing at this playground since small
and can do all of the facilities except this one, the hand bar...
more practicing is needed!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

cooking time!

since little bb liked the japanese rolled omelette so much,
i gave it a try at home tonight,
together with the stew.

i started preparing the stew early in the day so that the pork and veggies could soak up the flavor.

timing wise was just about right when it was time for dinner.

however, the omelette took longer than expected.

i couldn't do it as nicely as i did in the class....  the first one was almost burnt *laugh*

the second one was slightly better but still too brown...

by the time i finished making the rolled omelette,
little bb and somotu were already full as the whole pot of nikujaga was gone already!

little bb could only have about one whole roll of the omelette
and i was left with all the rest, which was about 6 eggs 
(it takes two eggs to make one whole roll of omelette)!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Sunday, June 19, 2016

father's day

somotu is not big about father's day (or any other holidays, festive seasons...)

this year, we tried making him breakfast...
little bb and i made chocolate pancakes as soon as we jumped out from bed.

i told little bb not to say anything about making pancakes to somotu
but the next minute after i said that,
little bb dashed out to the living room and said,
"daddy, we are not cooking anything for you"
and then he continued,
"daddy, we are not making pancakes for you"

oh well... 
i should have known better!

we continued with the preparation,
then we got the biscuit cutters and chocolate pens to decorate the pancakes...

... then the card made by little bb was presented to daddy.

i must say i love how he has focused on the making of the card,
all the details, writing, drawing, coloring, and even something from the Bible!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

tummy time

i always get questions along the lines of this:
"how is big brother treating little brother?"

well, he loves his little brother and he is happy to have company now...
he always wants to kiss and carry him.

but we can tell from his actions that he does feel our attention is now split between them...

he likes to do things to get our attention or 
at least makes him feel he is the "same" as little brother..

like this morning, i was doing tummy time with bbb..
little bb jumped right in and said 
"i can do it too"


batman, batman and batman

loving this adorable batman crayon set from his godmother

and guess who is he drawing it for?

Friday, June 17, 2016

which side are you on?

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3 vs. 2
white vs. red

i'm with the red...
the side with a hybrid superhero:

batman X flash

it was a flash tee
but he asked me to sew the batman cape from another tee (which no fits) onto this flash tee


staring at gor gor's art work

these days, it's all about millenium falcon...

and when i showed it (one of the many master pieces of little bb *laugh*)
to bbb, 
he couldn't take his eyes off it!

5th cooking class

took little bb to my 5th cooking class today...

this round is learning about basic japanese cuisine:  how to prepare dashi and rice.

the set contains japanese rolled omelette (Tamagoyaki ), beef stew (Nikujaga), miso soup and sakara pudding.

when the dishes are ready to be enjoyed, little bb dived right into the rolled omelette 
and finished them all in no time!

alright little bb, mami will try to make this for you at home!


after the cooking class,
we went to the playhouse for some fun.

one good thing about having the summer vacation early 
is that most places are not as crowded yet
and we can have the space all to ourselves!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

cooking time!

after this,
i tried reproducing the oyakodon at home.

it took me a bit of time to finishing the cooking
as each set needs to be cooked individually...

seeing little bb and somotu finishing them all is all worth the sweat!

second day of summer vacation