Friday, May 13, 2016

"what would you like to be when you grow up?"

and this is his answer to today's fun friday at school.........

i didn't really try to change his mind
as i thought it just for fun....

to go along with it,
i digged out the superhero mask i made for his birthday
used some left over paper to make the captain america shield

i saw pictures of his classmates dressed as pilots, soccer players, doctors, etc...
exchanged by the mommies,
i was like "oh ok....  they must be thinking little bb is really silly"

although i still think it was just for fun...
just in case little bb didn't really realize (and just in case if other kids make fun of him)...  
i told him there's no superhero per se in the real world...

and the answer i kept getting from him was
"but i want to dress as superhero"

just don't say mami didn't tell you!


and secretly, 
i didn't want to tell him what he should be / would be / could be when he grows up...

if i could go back in time,
i would definitely not end up where i am now...
i would study veterinary medicine
i would love to be a vet

if only back then, 
i have a stronger mind,
instead of going for what my family thought would be best for me.

so for you little bb,
i am here to listen to your dreams,
to share your passion,
to support you for the ups,
to stand by you for the downs
i will try my best to make your dreams come true..........

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