Thursday, May 5, 2016

the sweetest prezzies

attended the mother's day tea celebration at little bb's school today
there was singing performed by the kids 
then tea party with the class...
followed by gifts presented by the little ones.

absolutely love love love each of the little prezzies...

a little poem
an orange flower
a bush with flowers 
a tea cup with a real tea bag
a card
a (real) daisy
love coupons!

very thoughtful ones (many thanks to the class teacher!)

these love coupons made me smile from the bottom of my heart.....
would love to redeem them!
but which one should i use first!???

the kids' performances at school always bring tears to my eyes...
mixed feelings...
... happy, for seeing my little one having a good time at school, having lots of good friends
... grateful, for being able to be there 
... heartwarming, for their lovely and yet unadulterated performance
... proud, for seeing my little one singing and dancing with confidence

yet a bit of sadness as if i am losing a bit of him and myself or maybe the bonding...
i know it's very silly of me to feel this way
but i can't help but feel that when he is making one step towards being more independent and getting older,
he is also moving one step away from me, 
away from needing me...

the image of him crying non-stop just because i needed to leave the dining table for the washroom during meal times came to my mind...  this was when he was three years old
when i said goodbye to him at the end of the mother's day celebration,
he just said goodbye and ran towards his friends...

i couldn't help but felt a little bit empty...  as if i lost something....

ok, i should remind myself that he did sit on my lap while we ate cookies and drank tea together in his classroom,
hugged and kissed me
and said "i love you" enough times today

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