Monday, May 30, 2016

boys talk

little bb chit-chatting with his classmate......

this boys talk thing is the cutest little thing i must say
and it started shortly after this school year started last year...

there would be little notes with scribbling:
"what is your phone number?"
"my number is #@($*&(#, what is yours?"
"what is your mommy's number?"
in little bb's school bag

at first, i didn't really pay attention to them
and little bb didn't seem to care about them 

but as he got more of these,
it became clear that whoever wrote the notes really wanted the number...
and so i wrote our number on these little notes for little bb to bring back to school

ever since, 
little bb would receive phone calls from his classmates
and talk about "things" 
like the free trial of the online reading game coming to an end,
where they should go on the weekends,
what the boys are doing at home now,
and even sleepovers! (this never happened *laugh*)...

little bb would also call the mobile number of his classmates' mommies..
which sometimes i wasn't fast enough to stop him
(for worrying that he would be disturbing the other mommies)

it is really interesting watching him walking around the house,
lying on the sofa,
while talking over the phone
chit-chatting like an adult.

it's really the cutest thing!


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

That is adorable!

Also, I have not been getting round to commenting for a while and think I have not yet congratulated you on your second baby. So congratulations!

I still remember when you just had your first... he has grown up so much already. And from what I can tell he is a wonderful kid! I'm sure your second son is a terrific baby, and will grow into a lovely boy too:)

aileen ♥ motu said...