Friday, May 27, 2016

a typhoon day

around 6am this morning, i was woken up by a louder-and-firmer-than-the-usual-just-woke-up-voice.
"wake up mami...." said somotu
huhhhhhh???  i said
"preparatory is considered as kindergarten right?" said somotu
with a woken-up-by-surprise-and-therefore-slightly-irritated-mind,
i said "yeah... so???"
"no school!
it's typhoon no.3!"

i quickly grabbed my phone and look for updates from the mommies' chat room
and yes, no school indeed.

and from there onward, it started our unexpected day off....

i had planned a few things for myself to do today awhile ago
including a cooking class

i didn't want to leave little bb behind when i would be out for most part of the day...
so my itinerary was re-arranged...
including bringing little bb to the cooking class...

little bb was very excited about the class and kept asking if he could help out...
as it turned out,
he wasn't allowed to come close to the cooking table for safety reasons...
so he was asked to keep a distance 
and he had to entertain himself with coloring and reading
(lucky i packed these books for him)

he was very good....  did coloring and reading and looking up to see what steps i was up to... 

my plan was to have the cooked set as our lunch after the class
but then somotu texted me and asked if we would be delivering what i have cooked to him for lunch!?

so another change of plan again....

little bb and i quickly grabbed some containers from the supermarket nearby and packed our
just-cooked-lunch (apart from the soup) to daddy!

oh and this is what i learned to cook in class:  oyakodon set

timing was just right when the class ended...
we took the mtr to central to meet up with daddy....

delivering lunch to somotu was something i have never done before
and not to mention
- delivering lunch to him together with little bb?!
- me cooking?!
- delivering lunch cooked by me?!!!
- sharing the lunch amongst the three of us while standing in the lobby of a commercial building in central?!!!!

i must say it is a very funny, unbelievable and yet cute little experience for us!

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